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It's back, for the third year running! The Candy Cane Crew is our annual, non-judgmental December fitness challenge, designed to help you beat the holiday rush and be feeling great about yourself before New Years' rolls around. Learn more, or click below to register!

New Around Here?

There's a ton of roller derby training going on at Roller Derby Athletics! If you're new to us and want a quick overview of what we offer and where to find what you're looking for, check out this handy reference!

Success Stories

I have only done a week of your 8-Minute Method and the difference in my skating from last Friday to this Friday is almost night and day. I could barely do 5 laps around the track without my back screaming at me, and today I lost count during our pack drill and made it all the way through without having to stop due to pain. Thanks for making this awesome program available to fresh meat such as myself!

— Annie

"Thank you so much for replying to my question. I really didn't expect such individual attention. You go above and beyond for your followers and I am truly impressed. Your videos are amazing as well and what made me believe you could step up my game this year. Thanks so much for putting in so much time and effort."

— BAM, Snake Pit Derby Dames, Hayden ID

"I love your site. I'm just a beginner quad skater at 50, and you have helped me to become a stronger skater, and improved my fitness, posture, and all around strength for everything. Just letting you know I appreciate your work!"

— Janet, San Francisco

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